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Publications and Presentations by DFW Vascular Group Physicians

Peripheral Arterial Disease

The role of Nickel Allergy in early vascular stent failure

Feldtman RW, Ahn SA et al

Texas Surgical Society, McAllen, Texas, April 5 2019

Safety and efficacy of arterial closure device in an office-based angiosuite

Jones LE, Yang KH, Feldtman RW, Uceda PV, Ferrara CA, Caruso JM, Richmond JL, Ahn SS

Annals of Vascular Surgery. 2018 51:10-17

Radial artery access for peripheral endovascular procedures

Kumar AJ, Jones LE, Kollmeyer KR, Feldtman RW, Ferrara CA, Moe MN, Chen JF, Richmond JL, Ahn SS

Journal of Vascular Surgery 2017 May 29

Outpatient Intervention in Diabetics for Limb Salvage, Results in Over 1000 Cases

Feldtman RW

Texas Surgical Society, Midland, Texas April 2017

Treatment outcomes and lessons learned from 5134 cases of outpatient office-based endovascular procedures in a vascular surgical practice

Lin PH, Yang KH, Kollmeyer KR, Uceda PV, Ferrara CA, Feldtman RW, Caruso J, McQuade K, Richmond JL, Kliner CE, Egan KE, Ahn SS

Vascular. 2017 Apr; 25(2):115-22

Common femoral artery stent for occlusive disease: midterm results

Ahn S, Harrell JE, Feldtman RW, Kollmeyer KR, Kliner CE, Ferrara CA, Uceda P

Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 1:221(4):e41-2 Oct 2015

The Effect of Demographic Factors and Lesion Severity on Iliac Stent Patency

Kudo T, Chandra FA, Ahn SS

Journal of Vascular Surgery. 62(3):645-653. 2015

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